Bringing Integrity Back to the D*ck

Visitor’s Corner : Post by Scottydunks

I was talking to my boy Andrew a few months back and while the conversation jumped around a bit, it mainly focused on how men are held to certain standards by women and we don’t hold ourselves to those same high standards. Just take a moment to let that sink in. Now I’m only one man but based on personal experiences and knowing some trials of others, it’s a common thing for us guys to make a few “simple” mistakes. Andrew made a statement that stuck with me and somewhat became something that I lived by ever since, “Bringing Integrity Back To The Dick”.

I won’t go into detail but we’ve all seen the posts that men are cheaters, we don’t provide, we aren’t involved emotionally enough after sex comes into play, we entertain too many women, niggas be too friendly, and so on. Yeah, we get it…Okay, I know that was a broad generalization but fellas I feel like we make ourselves too easy or should I say too available. I get it, men are supposed to be “hunters” but my guy realize the type of game you’re hunting. Most won’t admit it but women only want to be hunted by a particular hunter. I told my boy Kadeem this a long time ago, “How do you appeal?” . Meaning, you can do whatever to make an impression but what she feels about you is ultimately up to her. So we find ourselves doing things out of our character, most times we become that “thirsty ass nigga” (the food nigga, the nigga she call for money, the nigga that smoke her out, or even the discreetly friend zoned placed nigga (it’s really over for you) and plenty of other roles) You don’t want to be out here wasting your “good morning beautiful” LMAO Save them shits for shorty who responds back with more than “gm”. What I’m saying is that although women claim they want to be pursued, it doesn’t always mean it’s by you. Don’t take that to heart though, there’s more out there fam because you definitely don’t want to be labeled as the shit I mentioned before LOL …those group chats are savage.

Let me break this down really quickly. Ladies, let me ask you something. It’s late, idk 2:30 in the morning and you’re in bed, maybe not dead to the world just yet, but you dozing. A text comes through from the dude you’ve been kicking it with (hell, even a guy you’ve just been “texting”) it reads “come over here.” Now I want you to wait and think about what you might say in response to that text…… if anything (*read 2:37am) LMAO. At best you might tell him he can come over. Alright, fellas your turn, if she says come over, my nigga you in the whip before you even hung up the phone (I’m dead lol). Ok, that was a drawn out a bit but the point I’m trying to make is not taking the first sexual advancement or shit the first few. They’ll stall out of some dick, so boycott the pussy and see what happens. Honestly, women think us men are predictable anyway, hit with them some new shit.

Damn, don’t hate me for this…but I don’t think we need a “old head” to put us on game boys. I said earlier we are held to standards that we don’t hold to ourselves and it’s just a season of accountability in my life and I want my people to be on that wave too. Remain consistent beyond “the chase”. Once you’ve bagged shorty remember the things you did to pull her… can’t let up on that. Ladies, realize that when a dude is making time for you and sacrificing (even the smallest things) for you that’s him appreciating you. Don’t take that gesture or mistake that for weakness, that’s when most of us “cut up” in your eyes. “The chase” can be easily mistaken for what’s mandatory rather than being voluntary (I’ll let y’all make those inferences). Last but not least, matching of energy or reciprocation. We have to pretty much find the balance to that vibe but boys we set the pace. Give her something to catch up to, let it be know that you will lead her and she will follow.

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