Learning to Embrace Vulnerability

I’ve always felt that if you aren’t constantly learning more about yourself, then you are living a stagnant life. Vulnerability has always been something that I have struggled with for several years due to making horrible choices with some of the people that I allowed around. Notice that I tend to take responsibility for the actions of others in my life because at the end of the day, people only treat you how you allow them to. You can’t forget about accountability when speaking on opening yourself up to be vulnerable. If you’re blaming everyone for problems in your life, do you honestly think you’re going to openly allow yourself to be so exposed emotionally? I truly doubt it…

Allowing myself to embrace vulnerability has been such a struggle for me but I can honestly say now that I’m glad I am at a point where I can do so. Previous experiences put me in a place where I felt that it was a necessity to have a guard up towards anyone new that came into my life and that consisted of me using anger as a defense mechanism, needless to say…. it was exhausting and something needed to change. Even when I felt myself enjoying someone’s company and they showed me their intentions were good, I find the smallest things to be angry about because being vulnerable made me so uncomfortable and overwhelmed. I had to do something or I don’t think I would be able to build strong relationships whether it be platonic or romantic.

That meant that I had to take a look at the people around me, my past, and where I wanted my future to go. I needed to take a deep look into everything that I was and the person that I wanted to be so that I could take the necessary changes. I soon realized that my fear of vulnerability was holding me back and I needed to overcome that. I was sick of being angry but more so I was sick of not living my life to the fullest potential. Embracing vulnerability is in all actuality opening yourself to endless possibilities but at the same time, it opens you up to pain as well. It takes a true understanding of yourself to know who and what is meant to be in your life and having the strength to walk away even when it isn’t an easy decision. Pain in this life is inevitable and moving through life as if you can avoid it, stops you from growing. Embrace the genuine people and opportunities that come into your life without automatically assuming they are “like the rest” and you will notice how much your life changes for the better. Nothing in life comes easy remember? Embrace being vulnerable.


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